The initial party

Crumble (gnome alchemist)
short, absurdly dirty and dingy very fine purple dress clothes, white frills from sleeves, with burn marks, racoon skin hat (something crawling underneath??), vials dangling on hooks and straps -pig by his side, pink, wearing a dirty purple suit too

Drogheda (half-orc barbarian)
Long straight red hair, armored coat, medium length sword, wearing brass knuckles, unapproachable look, long scar coming down right side of face to cheek

Goggle Moggle (human rogue)
average build, a tad slender, well dressed fashionable dark blue etc, pale, jewelry, rings, earing, necklace, not to memorable of a face doesn’t stick out in a crowd

Prak Riti (half-elf hunter)
violet eyes, soft ears, wild gypsy dark brown/red hair, clean and slender, barefoot, well put together vestment padded armor, earth tones. -Oshie (Elven Cooshe Dog) Medium size, very beautiful, worldfish characteristic,

Sarjenka Sublime (halfling witch)
Hair parted to the side, larger part is blue other side purple, lots of piercings in ears, couple of nose piercings, colorful shorts and tights of different colors, boots, crop top off the shoulders, a little on the heavier side - doesn’t like to be dirty washes hands a lot - confused for jester or clown at times

joined mid-Prequel

Chlamydia (halfling thief)
very handsome, about 3 feet tall, 35 lbs, light brown wavy hair, clean shaven, brown skin, amber eyes you could fall into, green tunic, brown pants, brown cloak,

joined between prequel and Chapter 1

Hikaru (human fighter)

joined during chapter 1

Nobby (elven fighter)
Breast plate, pole arm, tall skinny elf, long brown hair, dark eyes, dirty looking, scar along right arm


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