Over a thousand years ago the City of Avalon was ruled by a powerful necromancer. Udarkrus the Black. Udakrus the Malicious. The Shadow King. The Wraith King. The Lord of the Dead.

His reign brought an unimaginable terror to Avalon and the nearby lands, but it was eventually ended when the Eyes of Pantos, a cleric order, smited his undead servants and destroyed his body.

It wasn’t until many years later that the Eyes of Pantos found the Lich’s phylactery, an ornate Blackwood rod adorned with a ruby, and locked it away under protection of divine magic.

The Order of Pantos has since ruled Avalon behind the scenes, watching, judging, and keeping order.

Avalon is now the capital of a new federation of rich and powerful cities, The Seven Cities of Jurl, ruled by a democratic council of the merchant class.

However, when power hungry merchants push the neighboring kingdom of Hazeldor to war they unleash a series of events that results in a small group of adventurers unknowingly releasing Udakrus from his captivity to once again reign death and horror upon the land.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Can the party stop Udakrus and redeem themselves?

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Black Flame: The Rise of Udakrus the Shadow King

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